Home Health COVID-19: Children can’t handle the emotional torture. Protect them at all cost

COVID-19: Children can’t handle the emotional torture. Protect them at all cost


Although the situation at hand demands that each and every one of us need to survive, it is very important to prioritize the well-being of children. Aside being very vulnerable, they do not equally have the capacity to handle certain level of emotional stress.

When a child is infected, he/she is transported to the hospital alone because of elicit treatment. Even if a parent or relative follows up, She/he is positioned far away to prevent them from contracting the disease.

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Food Items are administered by the Doctors, total strangers instead of parents. Per the demands of the coronavirus, that is the right thing to do but in terms of development and bonding, it does not help the child.

In quarantine, even full grown adults complain of being alienated from the rest of society, how much more children. Imagine the number of days, weeks, or months they will go through this emotional torture coupled with the pains from the infection.

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Let’s put their safety and well-being first in all things. Protect yourselves to protect children. Guide them to observe precautions and make sure your own negligent does not end-up affecting any child.


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