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COVID-19 could kill 150,000 people in Africa – WHO warns

Researchers have warned in a regional report from the World Health Organization (WHO) released Friday that the COVID-19 could kill 150,000 people in Africa.

The study, published in the journal BMJ Global Health, stated the likelihood of the disease to severely affect 47 countries.

Researchers predicted that around 22% of Africa’s population of 1 billion will be infected within a year, with around 37 million symptomatic cases. This could result in around 150,000 deaths.

“Interruption of its transmission to prevent widespread community transmission is critical because its effects go beyond the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths and affect the health system capacity to provide other essential services,” the report read.

“The region will have fewer deaths, but occurring more in relatively younger age groups, amongst people previously considered healthy — due to undiagnosed non-communicable diseases,” the report said, adding that these trends could already be seen emerging.

All African countries as they stand now have been hit with the pandemic as they battle their way out to save their people from it.



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