Aspiring parliamentarian John Dumelo has lamented over the exorbitant charge local shops and pharmacies have placed on sanitizers.

Before and after the Coronavirus outbreak in Ghana, health professionals have advised Ghanaians to wash their hands with soap under running water or use alcohol-based sanitizers.

John Dumelo

Following such appeal, many have trooped to local shops and pharmacies to get themselves these sanitizers some they come in handy.

Therefore, most shops and pharmacies have decided to cash in on the unsuspecting public by ballooning the price of these sanitizers so to make much profit.

A research conducted by Celebritiesbuzz in most shops and pharmacies in the capital has seen an abnormal hike in price. A 1.5-liter sanitizer that used to cost GHS45 now is been sold for GHS 80, which is almost twice the price.

On the back of that the actor (John Dumelo) has taken to Twitter to express his displeasure at the phenomenon:

What is annoying me the most is the rate at which shops and pharmacies are jacking up the prices of sanitizers. Where’s the sense of patriotism?