Crazy female fan took off her bra and threw it at Drake on stage..and he caught it with no stress.

A crazy female fan from Rochdale who attended Drake’s show in the UK this week took to Twitter to express her shock over how the Canadian rapper caught her bra with no stress after she took it off and threw it at him on stage.

Sharing the video, she wrote: ‘HOW DID @Drake CATCH MY BRA LIKE THAT I CANT ???.’

watch video below…

Drake Cut Michael Jackson Collaboration From His Tour, Fans React.

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Sunday night was the opening show on Drake’s “Assassination Vacation Tour” in Manchester which saw him and his headliners, Tory Lanez and Tiffany Calver. Complex pointed out that the single “Don’t Matter to Me” is not on the lineup and some concertgoers are raising questions as to why Drizzy didn’t perform the song.

“It looks like Drake is cutting his Michael Jackson collab from the tour cuz I didn’t see him performed it last night in Manchester, come on Drizzy are you joining the bandwagon too to censor MJ?” one fan wrote on Twitter.