Crime Check Foundation (CCF) led by Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng is supporting the poor and the needy on streets during this time of partial lockdown.

Today, their team came across a family who were ejected from their rented apartment due to non-payment of rent.

They’ve been made to live outside, facing harsh weather conditions.

Well, thank goodness CCF has come to their rescue. The family was given food and money for their survival during these hard times.

Sharing photos on Facebook, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng wrote:

“Our Lockdown Street Charity Series continued to West Legon where we came across 42yr old Mercy Attah, her kids and her 74yr old mother who sleep on the streets having been ejected by their Landlord. With no food nor money on them, we couldn’t go without supporting them with cash and some items. There are many like them who are going through hell during this period. May God bless our donors. Never wish for poverty for anyone. Not even your worst enemy.”