Criss Waddle acquires a brand new posh Maserati worth $73K


Criss Waddle has acquired a brand new posh Maserati worth close to $73K and he took to his Snapchat handle to flaunt it whiles driving.

The AMG Business CEO has got a lot of cars at his Tema apartment but he seems to be adding more to it without any stress.

Earlier last year, Waddle posted on his IG that he would be adding more cars to his luxury automobile collection and he seems to be fulfilling it.

Not too long after his post on IG, Criss Waddle ‘launched’ a brand new “G Wagon” July last year and his fans couldn’t just stop talking about it.

It is however unclear whether he bought it with his ‘Music Money’ or the one he recently collected from the ‘Yellow House’.

He is yet to share the outward look of his new toy but we trust it would be super mega judging from the inward appearance.

Watch Video Below:


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