Shatta wale and Criss Waddle

AMG Business Co-founder AMG of R2bees has told that this year, they must beat one Celebrities Buzz Blogger but we are just pleading.

Criss Waddle is trying to influence Shatta Wale in a very bad way by telling him to consider beating us.

According to him, due to the increase in the rate at which Bloggers disturb Shatta Wale with their press which may serve as a positive check for Wale himself, they should beat one of us so we know they are not jokes.

He wrote:

“Them fooL too much this year we for beat one make them see say no be mouth 🤣🤣🤣.”

criss waddle

His comment was in reaction to Wale’s post about our outfit after we issued a press that he has sacked Bulldog – his long-term Manager.

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Wale sparked this whole brouhaha after he wrote:

“How can we progress if we have people like this amongst us !!! Common English PRO and manager has become calculation for you erh … No wonder you are blogging and u not getting anywhere cuz this foolish life dierrr if Ibe from mother side or father side then u get big failure problems in life cuz you won’t get there da ! Abue fu!!”

shatta wale blasts Celebritiesbuzz

As their number one hypers and fans, we would say we love them as always….


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