Daniel Duncan-Williams,
Daniel Duncan-Williams

Daniel Duncan-Williams, the son of Arch-Bishop Duncan Williams who is obviously having a tough time in living a holy life has raised a few questions directed at Jesus.

In a short video, he asked that if God knew that fornication would bring about the fall of man into curse, why then did HE allow Adam and Eve to partake in it?

Look, I’m really struggling okay and I need some help, if Jesus didn’t want us to smoke, have sex, kill people, be violent, why did you (Jesus) allow Adam and Eve to come down here and do that bro because obviously, like you knew that we were gonna be cursed as soon as Adam and Eve did that so what’s the point of doing that?, he asked.

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In continuation, Daniel said: “Cos I’m just like…I’m over it. Like I am tired of condemning myself. You feel me? I don’t wanna feel bad when I’m doing what I wanna do. Cos, at the end of the day, it’s just what I wanna do, I’m a person so I don’t get it.

Watch the video below:

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