A certain young man who appeared on TV’s 3 “Date Rush” reality show is the talk of town at the moment.

The brother named Ignatius aka Mick More, turned off the ‘Rushes’ of all 7 girls who were interested in him over a reason that he doesn’t like any of them and can’t fake it.

Moments after the show, screenshot of Whatsapp texts about him in a serious relationship popped up online, which suggests he was obviously on the show not to look for a date.

CB following the report has been reliably informed that Ignatius is truly engaged.

“It’s true, I spoke to the aunty and they said the wedding didn’t come on because the girlfriend is locked up in U.S due to the Coronavirus outbreak,” a source told us and added “she (her aunty) was even shocked Ignatius was on the show”.

Ignatius’ supposed wedding would have happened on April 19.

CB has also gathered that the show was recorded in February and organizers had no clue Ignatius is engaged because the show is strictly for singles.

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