Events at the recent episode of the reality show, turned out unexpected after a gentleman who caught the attention of the ladies ended up acting against the norm.

The program which premiers on TV3 every Sunday allows ten beautiful ladies to contest for a man who is presented to them. The ladies are given options to chose base on their interest or otherwise in the men.

According to the rules, if the person involve does not meet your criteria as a lady, you are free to put off your light for others to continue with the contest.


The number of ladies must be reduced to two, then the man is allowed to ask a question and chose the lady with the best answer.

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Today’s episode saw a gentleman named Ignatius breaking the hearts of the ladies after he waited till the last end and turned off the rushes of all the ladies; a decision which shocked many.

Many people are referring to his decision to part-take in the “love finding” show as an attempt to play with the emotions of ladies.

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