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Social media can be used for a lot of positive changes when used right. Aside the fun that we all sign up for, it’s a platform where we can genuinely help people in need — not just financially but emotionally and a lot of other ways for the benefit of humanity.

It is at the back of this aim of achieving positive results that David Deuces formed a group on Facebook called, Inna Real Life (IRL).

Over the years, they have helped their group members in diverse ways.

Talk of raising school fees for those who can’t afford it, coming to the aid of some single mothers, raising capital to support the businesses of passionate members, among other things.

Yet again, David Deuces and Inna Real Life members have proven that social media can be used for life-changing purposes after they have helped collectively in changing the life of one of their members called Dee See Black.

The young man was involved in an accident and per what is available to us, the accident was influenced by the abuse of drugs.

As a member of the IRL group, an update was made concerning his health condition and the members were asked to pray for him.

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But prayers doesn’t pay bills right? Fast-forward, the CEO mobilised the group members to contribute monies that were sent through a dedicated mobile money number.

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The group members came to his aid and the monies were contributed to pay the bills.

After that, Dee See Black recuperated shortly and was discharged from the hospital.

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After his release, David Deuces advised him to stop abusing drugs and also do well to cut his hair — which he obeyed and did.

The young man took the advice and had his hair cut accordingly.

image 2021 02 22 212413

Pleased by his efforts to change, David Deuces funded a spa treatment for him — which included a pedicure.

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Dee See Black was there after taken on a lunch treat with one of the female members of the group just to make him happy.

image 2021 02 22 212204

As if that isn’t enough, Dee was taken on a shopping spree in other to get some clean clothes.

image 2021 02 22 212300

Now he’s a better man and doing okay.

In appreciation to all that the various group members of Inna Real Life has done for him, he took to the group page to thank them for their support.

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This is how positively we can use the power of social media to change the lives of our brothers and sisters near us.

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