There’s an ongoing brouhaha between once good friends and Rich man daughter leading to the young singer blocking the DJ from reaching him on all social media Platforms.

Everyone keep asking what could make a young musician boldly cut ties with a rich man daughter whom most people are looking to have friendship vibes with.

A gossip from One of ’s aides, Afeare Isrel indicates it all started back in 2019 when the female DJ featured Zlatan on one of her hit song titled Gelato. a collaboration the Lagos Anthem singer reportedly never received a penny from.

The same source stressed that Cuppy took Zlatan to Abuja for a fundraising she made lot’s of cash from, again she refused to sort out her friend. Israel also revealed he was part of the crews the DJ abandoned and it took the intervention of Zlatan himself with his own pocket money for them to get out of the mess after the fund raising in Abuja.

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“Kudos to someone like Zlatan, who took a bold step, by flushing out a full fake friend like Cuppy, who was just using his head all in the name of my papa na Otedola. Zlatan did a hit collabo with her, ordinary one kobo, he no see. She also took Zlatan to Abuja for fundraising where she made billions of naira and didnt even remember zee for one kobo till tomorrow. No accommodation, no feeding, Zlatan had to even spend his own personal money at Transcob hilton to carter for everyone including me. Dis na 2021 abeg” Israel revealed.

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