Dayo Odeyingbo Children: Does Dayo Odeyingbo Have Kids?

Dayo Odeyingbo was born on September 24, 1999, in Brooklyn, New York. In an effort to provide their children a better life, his parents Gary and Betty Odeyingbo fled Nigeria for the United States.

The majority of Odeyingbo’s boyhood days was spent in Irving, Texas, where he relocated to with his family. High football alone is one of the most popular sports in Texas, which is considered as one of the biggest football states in the nation. Thus Dayo himself in the field of playing football due to where he was located to.

Dayo first participated in pee-wee football, and his passion for the sport grew over time. In the Dallas metro area, Odeyingbo went to Carrollton Ranchview High School, where he rose to fame on both sides of the ball.

In addition to playing defensive end for Ranchview, Odeyingbo also spent some time as a tight end and wide receiver in the years of his high career. Odeyingbo eventually established himself as a regular starter at left tackle and defensive end as he grew bigger and he began to off his remarkable athletic abilities.

Dayo Odeyingbo Children: Does Dayo Odeyingbo Have Kids?

Dayo has no at the moment. He is focusing on his career for now. We will update you if we out he has given birth.


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