The Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of policy think tank, IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe has alleged that, the recent announcement by government to break the monopoly of TELCO giant MTN in Ghana is a mere attempt to settle personal scores.

According to him, government, through the communications ministry has taken such position because MTN refused to hand over consumer’s private records to the state.

He referred to the policy as illogical and one based on unexamined and economically fallacious claims. "Quite absurd to be told that you are too successful because of the inability of your competitors. It is like being penalized in class for coming up tops and your best marks arbitrarily reduced and shared among your peers when you all had access to the same teachers and books." He added.

He recognized the impact of mtn both on individual investors and also on the state coffers by stating that, “MTN is one of the top 5 largest revenue contributors to the state. It has shareholders, most of whom are Ghanaian. Finally MTN’s services are impacting businesses and lives.”

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