Successful Ghanaian entrepreneur and media personality Delay real name Deloris Frimpong Manso was rumoured to have given birth secretly early this year 2020.

According to the rumours back in January, it was said that Delay married secretly and got pregnant but kept everything discreet.

Multiple reports also indicated that she gave birth outside the country which she came out to deny.

She said Bloggers simply lied on her and that all the publications were false.

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Now fast forward today 9th May 2020, she has shared a photo of a handsome baby girl who seems to be about 3-4 months old.

If you calculate when reports came out that she gave birth till now, we can conclude that the photo of the baby she shared is her son whom she gave birth to secretly.

But she didn’t add any caption to the photo which indicates that that’s her baby.

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The baby as seen in the photo was been held by a fine gentleman. Delay has a history of having love for fine gentlemen.

Her once best friend Afia Schwarzenegger even disclosed once that Delay says she’ll only have a baby with a White man as she has admiration for half-caste babies.

See photo of the baby below:

delay child

Whatever be the case, we’ll keep our fingers clenched to see what happens in future.