‘Demonic Coronavirus must die at the root’ – Duncan Williams fervently attacks the global epidemic with stiff spiritual force


Founder of the Action Chapel International, Archbishop Duncan-Williams is known for praying against national and global disasters and epidemics. Thus he has prayed steadfastly against the deadly Coronavirus which has claimed my lives across the globe.

The man of God described the virus as demonic which must be attacked by a spiritual force. He added that the virus must be wiped out and attacked at its roots.

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The Archbishop, as usual, said a fervent prayer for Ghana looking at reports that the virus is now on the continent with the first case recorded in Egypt.

He prayed: “By divine authority, I command the spirit behind coronavirus be arrested in the name of Jesus, we attack it at its root.”

The deadly Coronavirus since the outbreak has spread all over the world. It has killed thousands of people and many are bed-ridden.

However, the good news is that some positive discoveries have been made as to how to nip this epidemic in the bud. This has put all nations on the lookout for any traces of this virus.

The World Health Organization has assured the world of a vaccine it is preparing to roll out against the Coronavirus.


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