A young Nigerian lady with a physical disability that had a fist chopped off has inspired the social media community by becoming a layer against all odds.

The lady identified as Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro took to her LinkedIn page to disclose that despite her disability, she chose to push forward. According to her, the road to success is not a straight one, especially for people with physical disabilities.

Despite her disability, young determined lady finally becomes lawyer
Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro

Her post read:

“The road to success surely isn’t a straight road sometimes especially for persons like us with physically disability… but we choose to push amidst obstacles.”

As expected, her connections took to the comment section to congratulate her for her achievement.

Bradley Pinto wrote:

“You are destined to be a big lawyer. Let not your handicap hinder you. It’s how you tackle your opponent in the court that really matters, so don’t worry about your hand. You look awesome and you have the brains.. That’s all that matters. “I congratulate & salute you dear. God bless you with a great future and lots and lots of success.

Blaise Djamba Djamba, wrote:

“Disability should not be a barrier to the deployment of skills. In diversity of any kind, there is a pool of talent to be developed. Only people who are open to the world know how to make the most of them. Congratulations and may your path shine forever.”

Remain inspired and remember that when you continue to stay determined and work hard, there is no mountain too high for you to climb…your dreams will surely become a reality irrespective all the circumstances.