diana asamoah

has reacted to fellow gospel musician and prophetess, ’s actions in recent times.

Cecelia has become notorious for either accusing her fellow Gospel musicians of using juju or that she has a special message from God to them.

In time past, she slapped on stage and told him to stop using juju in his compositions.

Just recently, was performing on stage, and she went to snatch the microphone from her with a message that she should go back to her ex-husband.

Speaking on all these, Diana Asamoah is of the view that Cecelia Marfo is doing all she’s doing just to trend on social media in other to revive her dead music career.

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She urged her fellow Gospel musicians to slap Cecelia Marfo next time she tries that on them.

“If you can slap her back one or two times, she’ll stop fooling”, she fumed.

Diana went on to say that should Cecelia try that on her, it’ll not be easy for both of them.

Watch the video below:

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