Pastor Emmanuel Apraku aka Apraku My Daughter passed away yesterday in his room hours after a video went viral of him in a despicable state.

The video revealed the sad ending of the popular pastor who was intoxicated from drinking too much alcohol and was a replica of a pale shadow of himself.

Aparaku My Daughter struggled to stop the lady who was taking the video of him as he unsteadily tossed up and down in a helpless bid to control his stability.

Popular Evangelist 'Apraku My Daughter' Passes On | General News ...

After the news of his sudden demise hit social media after it was confirmed by his compatriot Prophet Kumchacha, many have begun reading meanings into what could have led to his death.

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Twitter and Facebook were awash with speculations. assumptions and rumours of what really led to his death especially when reports had it that he was lifeless in his room and it had to take the ambulance to convey him to the morgue.

Some unpopular opinions were shared on social media as many are undivided as to whether the video taken of him was so great an embarrassment for him to bear which triggered suicidal thoughts.

The police and doctors are yet to serve the public with what caused his untimely death.

However, Prophet Kumchacha had this to say about what could have led to Apraku My Daughter’s death:

“The lady who took the video of Apraku in the drunken state did not do well at all. If he was her father, I doubt she would have comfortably taken such videos. The Bible even discourages the act of laughing at someone’s downfall,” he said in an interview

Persons have testified against Apraku My Daughter, tagging him as fraud, cheat and swindler. Others recounted how they were duped by him of their meagre resources in the name of receiving spiritual help.

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As to whether he died because his downtrodden life was exposed publicly will be known to him. It is the dead who actually knows what killed them.