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Did Roman Reigns win SummerSlam?


Roman Reigns a popular American professional wrestler and a past football player was known to have recently defeated Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam on one Saturday night as a way to retain the known Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

According to sources, Lesnar was spotted riding a tractor to the ring at the time the match began.

The supposed match which ended in the main event in April, saw the two coming back on Saturday which was this time around an added stipulation of a Last Man Standing match.

A situation where the winner would have to make the opponent stay down until the count of 10.

Did Roman Reigns win SummerSlam?

Roman Reigns was known to have taken down the Beast Lesnar with his usual spear trait to retain the Universal Championship as well as win the WWE title which has undoubtedly made him the undisputed unified WWE Universal champ.

So yes, Roman Reigns did win the Summer Slam.




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