is wowed by ’s rapping skills and vowed to put his money behind him should any Rapper make himself available to face him in a rap battle.

DKB’s made this known in a Twitter post when the rap was in the studios of Yfm spiting some bars on Kula GH show.

“Jeeeeezzzzz @Lyricaljoe dey rap! I’ll bet money on him versus any rapper! Herb l can’t stop clapping🙌 “ he stated

Let’s conclude DKB believes Lyrical Joe is the best Rapper out there right now and If we should take out the rap legends and limit this conversation to the current crop of Rappers available in the industry now, that’s still some bold claim from the comedian.
Which Rapoer do you think can murder Lyrical Joe currently?

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DKB says he will bet his last money on Lyrical Joe against any Rapper

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