says ’s IQ is lower than fadama bula and also made some wild revelations about the actress after she reportedly labeled him a fool.

There could be an ongoing underground beef between Efia Ofo and DKB that we ain’t having daily updates on social media from them. The actress recently bagged an impressive ambassadorial deal with Euro Decor but perhaps that might have not been possible without the intervention of the DKB.

The comedian revealed he was the one who advised the young actress there’s no way she would be able to grab any deal from a serious brand if she continue displaying nudity as she is known for. Lol and behold she got a deal after listening to his advice.

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DKB’s revelation came after a post by Zylofon tv indicates Efia Odo said she can’t forgive him for being a fool.


“A fool advised you to stop the foolish nudity if you wanted cooperate deals and you had a deal after you stopped it thereby ending your insults on our industry. In all your wisdom a fool like me had to advise you before you made money . Your IQ is lower than Fadama bula” DKB wrote

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DKB spark fire on Efia Odo for calling him a fool

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