DNA tests carried out on a 36-year-old man and his two siblings have proven that their dad is not biologically responsible for their birth.

According to an Instagram interviewer he had, the man whose identity is unknown could not hide the shock and pain that he went through when such a piece of sour news came to him.

Narrating the experience he said he was in America and was working on the travelling documents for his father to come to join him.

Per the Visa application requirements, he had to undergo a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test to ascertain the true paternity of his father.

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The DNA test required that all his siblings be tested including himself and his dad to give proof and certainty to their identities.

Unknown to them all, their father is not the one who gave birth to them according to results of the DNA test.

This anonymous man said he is unable to disclose the sad news to his father and two siblings because it may cost the life of the old man and throw their family into an anomy.

This story is quite disturbing especially when this man and his siblings have known their father to be their father only for it to be later discovered that the toil, sacrifice and investment made into these children was simply a wild goose chase.

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