Does a cardiac or skeletal muscle have more mitochondria?

Cardiac muscle cells have more mitochondria, as they are more reliant on aerobic respiration than skeletal muscle.Click to see full answer. In this manner, which type of muscle has more mitochondria? heart muscle Similarly, in which of the following do skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle differ? Cardiac muscle is involuntary and found only in the heart. Skeletal muscle is striated in regular, parallel bundles of sarcomeres. Cardiac muscle is striated, but the bundles are connected at branching, irregular angles called intercalated discs. Skeletal muscle tissue is about 15% denser than fat tissue. Similarly, you may ask, why do skeletal muscles have more mitochondria? Explanation: Muscle cells need energy to do mechanical work and respond quickly. Thus a higher number of mitochondria is present so that the cells requirement of energy to its specific function is fulfilled.Why should mitochondria be larger and more abundant in cardiac muscle than in skeletal muscle? Aerobic Metabolism Cardiac muscle cells contain larger amounts of mitochondria than other cells in the body, enabling higher ATP production. The heart derives energy from aerobic metabolism via many different types of nutrients.

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