Dog gets high after it was given marijuana


In a funny but sad video, a guy was seen feeding a puppy with marijuana.

Hours after the dog finished the ‘illegal’ hemp, it started acting weird.

With its back on the couch, one can see the dog stirring at the ceiling indicating that it was super high.

Watch video below:

Are There Benefits of Marijuana For Dogs?

According to, Many states in the U.S. have enacted varying levels of marijuana legality. Some states have legalized it only for medicinal purposes, while others have made it legal for recreational uses as well. There are a lot of shifts in how people view marijuana, and it’s becoming more mainstream than ever before.

People are relying on marijuana or at least certain compounds that come from the cannabis plant for a range of benefits. It can be useful for humans to help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression and a variety of other conditions and symptoms.

So, with the tides turning as far as how people view it, what about marijuana and dogs? What is the effect of marijuana on dogs?

First and foremost, while there are possible benefits to be found with marijuana derivatives, you shouldn’t ever give your dog marijuana. Dogs can get high if they eat pot and it can be scary and dangerous for them. With most dogs that may accidentally be exposed to pot the symptoms remain mild, severe complications are possible including toxicity. Marijuana toxicity in dogs requires emergency treatment.

When a dog gets “high,” it’s more intense than what humans experience, and it is a state of distress for the dog. Signs of a dog having been exposed to marijuana can include walking strangely, dribbling urine, falling over while standing, low blood pressure, dilated pupils or being easily startled by sounds.

The reason the effect of marijuana on dogs is more pronounced than on humans is because dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in their brain.

If you smoke marijuana, you should also be cautious of the possible effect of marijuana on dogs. Your dog may be able to get what’s called a contact high from the secondhand smoke, and it can exacerbate respiratory issues your dog may have, as well as causing them distress.

While most dogs won’t die from marijuana exposure, they may if they had an edible with a high concentration of THC, or if the edible had chocolate.

Now that the scary effects of marijuana on dogs have been covered, what about medical marijuana and dogs?



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