Don Elvi Releases ‘Yaaba’ Featuring Yaw Tog Featuring Kweku Flick

Ghanaian versatile artiste Don Elvi has released a brand new song dubbed ‘Yaaba' featuring Kumerican artistes; Yaw Tog and Kweku Flick.

‘Yaaba' is a slogan that officially announces the arrival of the young artistes in the Ghanaian music industry. The title of the song is an Asante Twi word which means ‘we've arrived‘ in English.

Don Elvi - Yaaba Feat. Kweku Flick & Yaw Tog

The song was composed to motivate all music lovers.

This classic piece of song was produced by talented Music Producer, Apya. The official music video for the song would be released on Friday 23/07/21.

Watch The Teaser Below:

Don Elvi started his music career way when he was in basic school. At the beginning of his career, he was doubted having a only few folks believing in his .

His ambition and urge to pursue his career resulted in him coining the slogan #BelieveInTheBoy for himself. A few years after putting in massive works, he is now one of the youngest fast-rising stars who has a solid fan base in the Ashanti Region, Greater Accra and gradually spreading through the entire country, Africa, and the at large.

Don Elvi - Yaaba Feat. Kweku Flick & Yaw Tog
Don Elvi – Yaaba Feat. Kweku Flick & Yaw Tog

During the start of his career, Don Elvi managed to share his with now hottest Ghanaian Trapper -Yaw Tog and ever since, they've been very cool and best of friends.

His #BelieveInTheBoy motivation coupled with his highly successful SHS tour paved the way for many young artistes in the Ashanti Region specifically Kumasi to also start chasing their music dreams and one of those is Yaw Tog.

Watch A Throwback Video From His SHS Tour Below:

The three stars having this in mind decided to create a master piece of song which tells their story of their musical breakthrough bearing in the mind the higher fate they will achieve in no time.

Get The Song Below:


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