A Ghanaian man of God has advised all and sundry not to be scared of the but instead, shake it off and go to church.

Bishop Samuel Mensah, the Founder of the Full Gospel Church International (FGCI) has advised all Christians to shake off the fear for COVID-19 and attend church.

He made the comment after Christians declined to go to Church even after the ban on churching activities got lifted with the condition.

According to him, the “enemy” wants to put fear in the lives of church people regardless of the detailed protection services put in place for them.

“For some of us for four months we haven’t been to church… This is the moment we can go to church,” he said in a video posted on Facebook.

He added:

“Something is wrong. There is an error there. If you can go to the workplace for eight hours, travel for three or more hours and you’re not scared of the disease, I guarantee you the church is a safe place.” 

He further explained that when what is needed to be done is put in place in our churches, it will become the safest place than staying outside:

“I speak to every church person, arise take up your bible now and go to church. Put on your dancing shoes and go back to church. Let me see you in church celebrating the goodness of God. Let us now liberate ourselves, take away the fears and come back to church.”

Watch The Video Below:

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