Nigerian actor and director, Ramsey Nouah has shared a piece of nugget with his followers on Twitter.

In sharing this philosophical yet factual idea, the veteran Nollywood actor advised all and sundry to embrace their humble beginnings and not to rush to get to the top.

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According to his statement, many are quick and very much in a haste to be the first to spite others. Also, the majority of people aim to be at a certain level based on the envy they have for what they see of their friends or siblings.

According to Ramsey Nouah, ‘there’s a lot of people pretending to be at the top’ which involuntarily compels others to seek to be at the same level at all cost.

In a nutshell, he wants to admonish us to accept what we have presently and not to aim dangerously for any fleeting success based on what we see others achieving

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His tweet has garnered a lot of attention as many appreciate what he has shared and express admiration at the deep truths hidden in his post.

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I’M IMMUNED wrote: People want quick and fast success, therefore finding means to get to the top ASAP. Those means could be detrimental. There’s no crime In starting from the bottom.

Umorenjnr comented: I love this write-up boss, thanks for this word of encouragement.

Duchess Addylyn replied: Thank you God bless you for this great word

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