“Don’t chat a married man around 2am, his wife is on patrol” Guy advices Slay Queens

Young guy gives advice to ladies dating married men on how not to get caught by their wives.

There is a rampant increase in collapse of marriages nowadays unlike the olden days our forefathers who even embraced polygamous marriage, lasted for a very long time with their wives.

Most ladies of has made up their minds not to be ruled by a man as husband but instead, be in unanimous relationship with married men just to ruin his marriage.

A twitter user who seems to be in favour of ladies having affair with married men has advised them on the best way they can manage their relationship without being caught.

According to him, a lady who is in a relationship with someone’s husband, shouldn’t chat them around 2am, even if they are seen online.

Giving out his reasons, he said the wife of the married man would definitely be the one using the husband’s phone as at that moment.

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Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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