‘Don’t cry when your husband is cheating, just put ‘for boys’ into his food & smile’ – Lady advises women


A lady has taken to social media to advise her colleague women not to bother when they find out that their husbands are cheating.

According to her, the long lasting solution to their problem is just to put ‘Juju’ into their husband’s food and relax for the magic to work.

She explained saying such a move will ensure their men changes from bad to good and even best.

She wrote to Joro: “My dear women, Don’t cry when your husband cheat. Just tamba inside his food. And laugh kikikiki inside your mind when she is eating it. Don’t kiss him sha. Me I don’t kiss him. We have not kissed from January. Redemption camp dinor stop my hubby from cheating. Just tamba inside food.”

See Screenshot Below:

'Don't cry when your husband is cheating, just put 'for boys' in his food & smile' - Lady advises women