Don’t date a woman who put you into the class of all men are the same, 5 kind of women you should avoid

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It is every man’s dream to be in a relationship with a woman who he can share his life and conquer the world with. The same goes for a woman.

A relationship no matter how short or long it’s duration involves togetherness just as it is important to enjoy love and Friendship. Their personalities that would ruin the chances of having a fulfilling relationship in spite of the passion that place is between a couple.

Unfortunately many have the notion that love hurts but that may not be the case if they knew that love had nothing to do with toxic personalities that destroyed the chances of a wallflower relationship.

In this article will share with you the five kinds of women you should avoid dating or married.

1. The clingy woman; she’s the one that always needs reassurances that you’ll be with her till the end of time even when there’s nothing fishy with how you relate with her, she still feels insecure.

At first, she appears to be the very caring woman with her round-the-clock calls to find out how and what you’re doing as time goes on she starts sounding like a cycle to you.

Your schedule revolves around her and whenever she’s around, it is compulsory you stay indoors with her or visit everywhere with her tagging along.

As self-importance comes from your loving without which her life crumbles. in fact, you are her life-giver and complete her in ways she should have done for herself. You can give her the 24 hours in a day and she still demands for more time with you and get Furious when you have no more to give. This is not a way of letting her know you are her Lonestar. She’s plainly clingy.

A relationship that works best is made up of two whole independent people who are willing to allow each other enjoy their individual freedom and engagements. There’s an imbalance and gross toxicity where there is clinginess shown by a woman to her man.

2. The manipulating woman;

She can come in diverse ways most commonly as the sweet lady or the bossy one. They are also manipulators who switch their Styles to suit their needs. A manipulator can compel you to do things by first working on your moral compass or your emotional state.

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She could use her position as your beloved to coerce you into taking steps that will favour only her. In these cases, she’s such a good listener that she picks every word you say and interprets it to much her agender of using it against you in time to come. She’s a master attorney your actions against you in such a way that what you felt was good in reality turns to be the worst so far.

A manipulator is an emotional and psychological abuser. Sometimes a manipulator can resort to physical abuse and the use of words to make her complaint. Her request is automatically a command, you are helpless to say no to, not because you are flying in love, you are unconsciously afraid of going wrong or being called insensitive.

By and large, she controls what you do and what happens in your life or better put she controls your life to be in accordance with her choices.

3. The angry woman

This is by no means condemning anger is an emotion natural to man and other animals.

It is normal for a person to get angry but it becomes a problem when anger controls his or her life. A woman who gets provoked habitually at the slightest provocation is an angry woman.

She doesn’t see anything abnormal in flaring up in the face of actions that she would ordinarily be overlooked.

Possibly, she must have been hurt in the past. Her display of anger could be a reflection of grudges or guilt harboured over a period of time.

However, if she fails to deal with the root cause of her flamboyant fixation, she may be a dangerous person to date or marry. The lifestyle she makes out of anger can rub off on you and before you get to know it you could start exhibiting the traits of an angry personality. Worse steal, uncontrolled anger could lead to violence, your life may be at risk in such a situation.

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4. Emotional baggage carrier;

Every relationship has its uniqueness. In many cases, they are rough times that accompany a relationship that could lead to its bitter end.

The impact of those end leaves the affected persons with Scars and Memories that is somewhat difficult to get over with.

It is important for them to sort out their fears and get all that it hurt to a considerable level before venturing into another form of a love relationship. That is the aspect many fail to understand.

A woman who has had a difficult time in series of relationships is at the risk of carrying an emotional baggage that will be an uncomfortable weight on her new partner. Almost every action you take looks like that of one of the exs.

She could put you into the class of all men are the same without substantial reasons for that, she could get overly suspicious of you and can question your every motive least she gets heartbroken again. She may be oblivious of her actions but her willingness to work on herself should make the difference. If she chooses to defend her actions rather than seeing how they affect you emotionally and by extension strain on your relationship, you have to let her go.

5. The cheating woman; it is one of the most secure relationships, one which has fidelity ties, Comfort, progress, peace, and sanity is key.

A woman who is given to seeking pleasures from someone outside her significant other is a cheat. Regardless of the level of cheating whether it is in a form of harmless flirtatious chats or outside sexual encounter, should excuse a cheat especially if she eventually justifies her actions and without remorse or any form of repentance from her cheating lifestyle.

If you are planning to marry any woman with a few of the above points you may run if she wants to change.

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