Socialite counselor and ballistic preacher, Prophet Kumchacha has given out a piece of advice to men who do not hesitate to get into the panties of ladies on the first date.

According to Prophet Kumchacha, sex on the first date is not an advisable act and cautioned men to shun the rush to see the nakedness of a woman they have just met.

In an interview with eTV Ghana, he said such an act has dire consequences on the relationship since the foundation for the relationship has not been well laid.

“Look at how scary the world has become, yet you meet a lady and still want to have sex with her on the first day. There are also some women whom, on the first day of meeting a man, avail themselves for sex”, he observed.

The prophet shared an instance with a question, “What if when you met me, I had just recovered from madness and it kicks back in while we’re in bed having sex? What would you do?”

Prophet Kumchacha said one must get to know whomever he wants to build an amorous relationship first before thinking of sex. He stressed that knowing a person well is the first condition that must be met before sex is given a thought.

“From my experience, if you meet a woman and she wants to give herself to you on the first date, she is either a witch or she has some disease which she wants to transfer to you”, the controversial pastor revealed.