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Don’t tell anyone what you doing until it’s done. Outside energy can throw off goals

Today, I saw a quote that said “Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing until it’s done. Outside energy can throw off goals”.

When I saw it, I realize it makes a lot of sense.

I believe this is 100% true.

People that have negative intentions and don’t want to see you succeed can wish you harm and that may actually affect the outcome of your situation.

So one needs to be very careful when sharing your ideas with friends and even family members.

Some may appear to love you but within, they wish you bad and that can be a source of negative energy that can affect your achievements.

What I’ve personally realized is, anytime I share a business idea or any idea with someone, I find it hard to accomplish it but when I keep it to myself, I’m able to get myself motivated till I get things done.

But of course, if you need an expert opinion on what you’re up to, you can seek it but not directly from people around you.

Part of the problem also is praise. I try not to talk about things that aren’t finished because, when you do, you’re triggering the same kind of reward mechanisms that you would when you finish.

This has the detrimental effect of making it harder to finish as you’ve already got your “prize”.

You know what? I stopped sharing my dreams and intentions years ago because other people would try and poke holes in my plan or tell me things were impossible.

Why telling people your goals is a fatal mistake

Humans have tons of dreams, aspirations, and goals which we would like to achieve.

And since we are social creatures, we also like to talk about them. But maybe it’s time we stop telling people what our goals are.

The reason why we shouldn’t is because when we tell others what we’re planning to do, it makes us less likely to follow through and actually achieves those goals.

Here’s why:

In a 2009 study, a group of researchers examined 163 people across four separate tests. Every one of those participants was told to write down their personal goals.

Then the first half of them told everyone in the room about their commitment to this goal. The other half didn’t and kept their mouths shut.

Then everyone was given 45 minutes to work on their goal, but they were told that they could stop at any time.

The results were quite interesting: The group that kept silent about their goals worked on average for the entirety of 45 minutes.

After being asked about their progress, they tended to be pretty realistic. Most of them said that they had a lot more work to do before they completed their goal.

The group that told everyone in the room about their goals, had a different story though. They only worked for 33 minutes on average before they quit.

And when they were asked about their progress, they were a lot more confident than the other group. Most of them said that they were pretty close to completing their goal, even though they really weren’t.

So this group made much less progress on the goal and yet they felt that they had actually done more.

The researchers concluded that telling people about your goals creates a premature sense of completion.

This happens because when you announce your goal to someone, you feel good. And it feels like you’ve actually done something towards achieving that goal, even though you haven’t done anything yet.

In other words: Your mind mistakes the talking for doing. As far as I’m concerned there are four types of people:

1st are those who don’t take action and yet, tell everyone about their goals. This is your typical New Year’s resolutionist. They tell everyone how they are going to improve themselves, but they don’t really do anything. These people are super annoying.

Then 2nd we have those who don’t take action and tell no one. They have aspirations but don’t get anything done and they don’t tell anyone either. They keep their goals to themselves, but never achieve them. A boring bunch of people.

The 3rd type is those who take action and tell everyone. These are productive people but tend to be assholes. They get stuff done, but they are constantly bragging to others how amazing they are. Basically they’re full of themselves.

And finally, the 4th type is those who take action and tell no one. These people get everything done, but don’t tell a single soul. They are super-high achievers who don’t feel the need to talk about their success.

Instead, they let their results do the talking for them. I’m willing to argue that the person who does the work and tells nobody, is the best type.

The truth is, people, don’t really care about what you say you’re going to do. They only care about what you’ve actually done.

But they also don’t want to listen to someone bragging. That’s why the 4th type is the best type in my opinion.

Knowing all of this, stop telling others your goals. There really are no benefits to it. You don’t want to be the guy who just talks about all the things he’s going to do but doesn’t take any action.

Remember, your mind might confuse talking for doing. And make no mistake, having dreams and goals is nothing special.

Everyone in the world has them. But it’s only those who take action towards those goals, that are actually amazing.

I know it’s sometimes difficult to keep your exciting goals to yourself.

So to eliminate that urge, you should write them down and create a plan on how to achieve them. Then stick to that plan, but don’t tell anyone about it.

As they say, work hard in silence and let success make the noise.

But also remember that If you have a good woman, involve her in your business, you’ll see great progress.

I don’t know if you agree, share your opinion on this with us in the comment box below!!!



103 thoughts on “Don’t tell anyone what you doing until it’s done. Outside energy can throw off goals”

  1. This is very true,people pretend to be happy for you,but deep down inside they want to see you fail.I dont tell nobody about my goals but god,not even my family.I have a motto,let them wonder how you do it,everybody thay smiles with you is not your friend.

  2. I totally agree! Some people intentions are cruel and some friends don’t want to see you happy or succeed, especially before them… that’s why I now keep all my plans and ideas to myself period.!!

  3. I have never thought about this saying. I have almost always share my ideas to so many and almost always never get them done. I am working on a new project this year and going to take this advice by heart. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Not even sure if people realize they feel ill towards your effort or idea. I think humanity has a hard-wired selfishness, covetousness that must be suppressed and stomped out anytime it rears its ugly head. I totally agree with keeping projects to yourself. Same concept as protecting the unborn until the day of birth. Its not ready for the world until its ready for the world

  5. Photo Credit Jeffery Dekal. Guy is amazing and deserves a lot of credit. Bought a print of this and still have it to remind how life is

  6. It’s interesting, but just about everything I’ve had my sites on, I’ve accomplished. Even beside ones that didn’t have me in their best interest, simply because I was focused. I wasn’t worried about what others were doing. Plus the confidence and energy I put out was stronger. Positive energy negates negative energy, it’s more powerful. Therefore what was said to me wasn’t absorbed. And anything they said behind my back may not have been the route God wanted me on in the first place. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far.

    1. I’d say there’s some biblical principles behind what you’re saying…
      James 4:13-16 Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.”… Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.” As it is, you boast in your arrogant schemes. All such boasting is evil.

  7. I believe it. Accomplishing a goal is hard enough by itself. Who needs negative energy and Nay sayers adding any inkling of doubt or fear. They will have enough to talk abt when goal is accomplished.

  8. Not True, I believe in speaking things into existence! I have been successful my whole life by sharing my goals with humans. No one to stop was meant for you. But you!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m going through this now, it’s like your close to the light but can’t move so your stuck in the dark. My dreams and goals are coming to reality how they will get done is not my business but gods business. Thank you ??‼️

  10. Part of this is when you talk about things you release some of the energy necessary to accomplish your goals. It’s best to keep plans to yourself.

    1. Yes I agree on this point. I dont surround myself with nagative people so not an issue. But i do feel if i am excited about a plan, keeping all that energy to myself keeps me on track and if i get the ‘praise’ before i’m done it takes some drive away.

  11. Don’t agree at all. I think people are making excuses for not reaching their goals. I share most of my goals and aspirations through social media, family and friends. I’ve been told not to do things many times, they have always succeeded. It’s all about how much work you put in.

    1. Yes.. True
      This has been a thing for me questioning this theory but it is about how much work you put into anything that makes it happen or not.
      A big reason is when you tell people what you want to do and you get a rewarding sensation out of it as mentioned and then you stop the work then this is true.
      Determination will not be stopped by the negative energy from other people but from the negative energy from within.

    2. There’s a lady on the new recently who was poisioned by her friend and died when she told her about her plans.

      Was she making an excuse and caused her own death?

      Thought so.

  12. I can see your point but think you may need to change who you are around and be mindful of looking for attention or validation.

    I am a life coach and dream builder. I think one of the first flaws in our society is a lack of a focused and balanced life plan and feeling we need to keep our dreams and hopes secret like we do starting as little kids when we make a birthday wish. There could be someone standing right there that has an extra one of what you want, knows someone that does or can teach or show you how to accomplish what you are looking for if you were clear, focused and vocal about what you want in life.

    As someone once said, “Don’t hide your light under a bushel, let it shine”


  13. I personal believe this goes against universal law. No one can keep you from what’s yours. The universe Bends to our request and by sharing our goals delivers people in your our lives to help us manifest its promise. It also helps guard us Against those out to do us harm. I have forever shared my most important goals and never have I been Denied my Intentions. God said let there be light and there was light. Be and it is.

  14. I think you guys need to surround yourself with more positive people lol, people who also have life plans and dreams of growing. That way you can help motivate each other and share ideas. There are people out there who will encourage you, not just tear down your plans and ideas.

  15. This May have some Validity, true enough, and Energy is Real. Sometimes U Can even feel the Jealous& Envy Demon when ur not around these folks Bcuz when U Come around it’s ever so present with them as
    evidence proof of what you told them before. The important thing is as a SPIRITUAL Entity, Not RELIGIOUS, That Ur Conscious Vibrations Are Higher then There’s Are, Bcuz Everything for U happens on a HIGHER FREQUENCY & U DON’T BELIEVE & EXCEPT THEY’RE LOW FREQUENCY FOR LIVING.

  16. I feel like we can be our worst enemies at times. The whole phrase “dont count your chickens before they hatch” come to mind.

  17. The goal is to have a plan so solid in your mind that you visualize it. Manifesting your dreams will need you to talk about them to make them into reality. The trick is to know your audience! Get in touch with your own energy and mindset! No one can hold you back when driven with purpose. There will always be people who don’t want to see you succeed, sometimes even the one’s closet to you. It’s really not about you, it’s about their own discomfort of you shifting your energy, and they don’t know where they fit anymore because they are not willing to come up to your vibration. So focus on your own and let them try, but they will at best inconvenience you but never stop you. Speaking about your plans create the energy to make them real. But you don’t need to tell people about all the things.

  18. This is so true. My husband & I didn’t tell any of his family and only a few of mine about our wedding until after it was over. We had been dating for about a year and we had known each other all of our lives.
    This advice was given to me and my siblings years ago by my mom. I am 75 years old and still believe this is true.

  19. Well, yes and no, it all depends who you tell and what you want from them, and loads of other important factors relevant (or not) to the actual goal. I dunno, things that spring to mind are: debate, conflict, wisdom, perspectives, suggestions, criticism, dissuasion/persuasion, caution, input, trust, encouragement, (dis)approval, motivation, scepticism, praise, feedback, validation, heedfulness, foresight, relevancy, situation, and who knows what else?!
    Sorry, but sharing ideas isn’t necessarily counter-productive as a default (as this TINY blog post suggests) and we surely shouldn’t start front a point of view that someone will wish us the worst when we share (as this microscopic post purports) an idea, right? I mean, we don’t live in a vacuum, do we? What even IS an idea if others never see/feel/hear it?

  20. This is all about insecurities. If you are insecured and you mind other peoples opinions and wanna prove something to anyone then you should change yourself. Its always ok to share your ideas. You just have to have the right mindset and self awareness

    1. totally agree. i share my plans with friends and family. because i dont have the best solid ones, they help me and inspire me more to accomplish it. “no man is an island”.

  21. Yes.. True
    This has been a thing for me questioning this theory but it is about how much work you put into anything that makes it happen or not.
    A big reason is when you tell people what you want to do and you get a rewarding sensation out of it as mentioned and then you stop the work then this is true.
    Determination will not be stopped by the negative energy from other people but from the negative energy from within.

  22. It is 100% sure, I am badly suffering from this, some goon even you don’t want to share any thing, they put their nose every time in others buisness.

  23. I could deffiently see this being true, i think this is almost like that one book/movie the secret but just not sharing what you want to accomplish

  24. My intuition for these types of people that emit negative energy actually adds fuel to my fire. I believe that whenever I come up short in regard to a plan or goal, I got in my own way. Nothing aside from a travesty or death can stop a determined person. Especially if you are strong willed. So I disagree.

  25. If your family and true friends wish bad on you, you don’t need them in the first place.

    In my belief system, wish for your brother what you wish for yourself. You are not a true believer unless you attain that.

    I think the trick here is to collect as much as names and email addresses for the comments.

  26. My grandmother use to tell me to keep my business to myself. You don’t have to tell people about your happiness they will know this when they see you. Friends and some family members will not be happy for you when you tell them about your dreams, prosperity or anything that your doing good for yourself. Some people will wish bad luck on you because of their own selfish ambitions. They’re also called DREAM KILLERS.

  27. …unless YOU about to post an article for the whole world to see… YOU’RE might want to have someone proofread the title of the article, at the very least!

  28. I agree about the idea dissipating the energy to actually do the task at hand and maybe the “self reward” mechanism as begin detrimental. It’s summed up in the old adage: “Talk is cheap”.
    However, this business of “people wanting you to fail, jealousy, and the negative energy that can have, etc. and how THAT can stop you is pure nonsense.

    Though unpleasant and hard to ignore sometimes, if you let negative opinion of others keep you down and you fail, then you automatically made yourself a victim and are admitting that you weren’t able to take matters into your own hands and thus blame it on others.

    Who cares what people think…good or bad? Just do it and if you want to succeed bad enough, you will not let outside ‘talk’ stop you.

    1. I like the way you put this: “if you let negative opinion of others”, where the key word is ‘let’.

      It’s wise to be aware of how those opinions can affect you, and it’s certainly wise to heed an opinion, give it consideration and decide if it applies. Like any muscle in the body, willpower and discipline require exercise, they don’t simply grow on their own without any commitment or effort toward your personal cause.

      You can listen to your friends opinions about whatever it is you’re planning to do, but if you’re allowing those outside forces to be the constant thing keeping you back from whatever your own personal growth plans are, you need more exercise.

  29. This is totally what I do. Just sometimes I forget to tell anyone after I’m done. Seriously, I’m so critical of myself I’m never convinced I’m done with the thing. There’s always more I could do. I have a good woman, but she has the same effect on my goals as others, with the punching holes and empty praise. I usually feel discouraged after talking to her, because she points out the reasons why maybe I shouldn’t do the thing. Once I start doing it, though, I’m counting on her to participate.

  30. I used to believe this, but now I strongly believe that it depends on the level of focus and attention that the person is putting in. Outside opinions, energy, and obstacles can only take focus and determination away if we allow it to. The Secret says to declare our goals loud and proud because if we are putting in the work and saying exactly what we are working towards, it will happen. We have to make sure that our determination is stronger than those that oppose us.

  31. Thank you! This speaks volumes. Ive started doing this before I read what you have wrote. You’re correct not telling people your plan will do things for your own person. Ive stopped cigs! I work out everyday now. I eat more and have gained weight. I see a better me each an everyday.

    1. Someone once said to me ” what people think/say about you when you aren’t around is really none of your business. If they wanted you to know you would have been invited to the discussion.” I live my life by that. There is a freedom in not caring what others think or say about you when you’re not around.

  32. When your friends feel that you are more successful than them, that would make them feel lack of themselves. It’s part of natural human behavior to feel better than….

  33. Why: if you have a good women on ur side? So it seems like you are addressing men only? I mean i get what ure saying ur the ending ruined it

  34. Although I do believe what is for you is for you, and you can be as strong as an ox, but even strong people have weak moments. I have found in my past when I share an idea with a friend or friends, they’ll come back like a week or 2 later as if they just had that grand idea. If I say I am writing a book, now suddenly, you’re writing a book. Mind you it’s OK to have the same dream, but why not mention it when I did so we can discuss and encourage each other. Also, it’s times I’ve had an idea for an outfit and showed a friend and she say,’ Oh you’ll rock that”. And what do you know she turned around and wore the exact concept that weekend. And this is coming from people I’ve known for YEARS. So, IF you find that you have negative Nancy/Nathan’s around you. It’s best to remove yourself from those people. There are plenty of people you can share things with that will even be willing to help or encourage you, but you MUST use discernment.

  35. I believe what u said is true and you know sometimes i feel like when i tell someone my plans the person doesn’t really want it to happen for me so i just keep quiet now adays because i have a lot of goals but don’t achieve them i just say them and dont do it

  36. This is a sound article. However, to call the 1st type annoying and the 2nd boring is a bit ignorant. The first type is often enthused that they have such amazing goals and aaa social creatures feel the need to share. The second type don’t have goals and as such it makes sense that they don’t shRe anything.

  37. this is so true, i remembered several instances wherein i would share my plans and dreams to people around me and i feel like it’s hard to achieve or something would happen that it pulls off my plans.

  38. Your article is inspiring, however why does the author feel the need to downgrade the other 3 types of people that he/she is arguing against? Calling them “boring” and “assholes”. I suppose that makes the world go round. Just like the saying goes, “opinions are like assholes, everybody has one” fits perfect.

  39. I’m not sure if I totally agree. I believe telling someone you trust and have close relationship with, you can get encouraged, held accountable for what you said you were going to do. I can see bragging about it after is nonsense and always saying you’re going to do something is annoying too but maybe your circle needs to change. For me, I have goals and I’ve talked about them. No clue how it was going to happen but here I am today and it’s starting to happen! One step at a time and I love the encouragement when I report back to those I’ve told that I’ve done another step! And I am excited for the next one! Could be circumstances, because everyone’s story is different, yet we can all relate because we are the same in many ways. That’s just my thought.

  40. I share my thoughts and ideas with friends and families. not all friends are backstabbers. most of my friends and family members support me and encourage me more, not the other way around that this article is leading to. no man is an island…

  41. What about those, who can help you reach that goal? How will they know, what’s in your head? Companies cannot function, if everyone keeps everything to themselves. In fact, that is why things fail in companies, when collaborative action is required and it is not forthcoming.

  42. Someone once said to me ” what people think/say about you when you aren’t around is really none of your business. If they wanted you to know you would have been invited to the discussion.” I live my life by that. There is a freedom in not caring what others think or say about you when you’re not around.

  43. It’s absolutely true. What a nice article. I always said, doing a business or project is like like a son or daughter. Once it’s born and grow every bodies know that is your son or daughter. You don’t have to tell people over and over that’s your son or daughter. Doing project Is the same. Once it’s done , It’s visible and people will know it’s yours.
    I read this article with my wife, and we have talked about this kind of people before. Some people are really annoying. I’m glad we’re on The right path.

  44. It doesn’t have anything to do with telling or not telling. If you are motivated to act on it no one can stop you. What God has for you it is for you. Can’t nobody take it away. You just have to act on it.

  45. I tend to agree with your assessment 100%, which leads to another problem within itself. Some of your dreams and goals are dependent on the support of others family and friends. Unfortunately if that is the case and your family and friends are not supportive and have a negative spirit then your dreams and goals are doomed from the start.

  46. Marco Antonio Hipólito Gutierrez

    How much truth is there in a single message, believing that you excel by keeping your idea firm without the need to express it

  47. wow. its actually a good success principle but its not an absolute law especially in the context of things that have to do with the prophetic. if you know what i mean. New Living Translation(Isaiah 42:9)
    Everything I prophesied has come true, and now I will prophesy again. I will tell you the future before it happens.”
    King James Bible(Isaiah 42:9
    Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.
    trust in Jesus Christ.

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