Kumawood Actress Christiana Awuni has is advising that going to church is just a waste of time.

Christiana Awuni said going to church is just a waste of time. She explained that Pastors are human just as one’s self and as long as one goes down on his or her knees, their prayers would be answered.

She further said as a Christian, the power of God lies within you so prayers would be answered when petitioned to God.

The actress was speaking on Accra-based Accra FM as monitored by My News Ghana.

“I’m a Christian. I’ve taken Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour. I pray but I don’t go to church. I decided not to go. I have been to a lot of churches”

“To me, there is no need going to church because I know that if I go on my knees and pray, God will listen and He listens. In my view, the pastor is a human being like me. The same way God uses him, He can also use me, so, why should I waste my time in church.”

Do you think she is right?