As a youth, we sometimes forget that we will grow old, feeble and frail. Therefore, as we have the strength now, we need to get all the money we can get legitimately.

As we work to secure the money, we need to be reminded of the future. The future I talk about is when you are old, bedridden or physically incapacitated to do what you used to do.

Most youth, think about the fun and merry immediately they make money. Some hurriedly blow out this cash on unworthy stuff and later blame everybody except themselves for their misery.

The most painful life you can live is an old-age life where you look miserable, poor and wretched. It is good to have all the fun as a youth. It is also not a crime to do things that make you happy. However never sacrifice future goals for present gratification.

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The habit of saving is difficult to cultivate but once you master it, your life goes on a steady pedestal. Economists say you need to save 30 percent of your monthly income. When your savings become substantial; you invest so you can provide a relatively comfortable future for yourself and your loved ones.

The youth are eager to make money. Others are greedy to have enough cash to wear fanciful clothes and appeal to the distasteful appetite of friends and foes.

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The life of some music and football celebrities must be a great lesson for you if you are still young. I do not think you wish to see yourself grow old and look back at all the wasted years and lament.

Lay the foundation of your life now, secure the future of your family and make sure you leave a lasting legacy behind after you are far gone.

Save now. Shun the unnecessary spending. Invest and ensure a safe future.