Dr. Osei Kwame Despite spends about €550,000 to buy a new Mercedes-AMG G63 & becomes the only Ghanaian to own one

Level-headed businessman, Dr. Osei Kwame, also known as Despite has acquired a brand new €355,810 to buy a Mercedes-AMG G63.

He now becomes the only Ghanaian to own one.

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite’s Mercedes-AMG G63 landed in Ghana from offshores a while ago.

According to the report, only a very limited number of people will be able to enjoy this unique named “STAR TROOPER”.

The premium all-terrain vehicle is strictly limited to a production run of just 20 exclusive cars and its price to the public starts from €550,000.

Below are a few features that he will be able to enjoy;

  • Bigger turbochargers, new downpipes and a high-performance exhaust system are adapted to the 4.0-litre V8 engine using a re-programmed electronics system.
  •  850 bhp (625 kW) instead of the 585 bhp (430 kW) in the standard G 63 AMG.
  • Maximum torque goes up from 850 to 1000 NM.
  • The sprints from 0 to 100 km/h are reduced to just 3.5 seconds, in addition, the top speed increases to 250 km/h.
  • High-performance tyres size 295/30R24.
  • Single-piece M23 forged wheels size 10×24, which MANSORY to the world for the very first time.
  • All the aerodynamic elements from the front apron and the side widening elements right up to the rear apron have been made from carbon fibre.
  •  The carbon fibre is compressed in a special pressure chamber as part of the autoclave prepreg process so that no air bubbles remain in the material. This cost-intensive process is usually only used in air and aerospace applications.
  • The MANSORY saddlery only allows flawless leather to be used in the interior. The exquisite overall impression is refined even further by the airbag sports steering wheel and the aluminium pedals.
  • Visible carbon applications, combined with expertly crafted PHILIPP PLEIN logos also bear witness to the artistry of the collaboration between the two luxury companies.
  •  COLOUR: 50 shades of Grey Camouflage.
  • Special feature: Red LED stars-roof.

He now adds the new to his fleet of cars already owned.

Watch Video Below:


Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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