Dr Sonnie Badu seals a lifetime Ambassadorial deal with Audio Tech Empire Ears

Dr has sealed a lifetime Ambassadorial deal with world-renowned audio Tech firm Empire Ears.

The world renowned Gospel man while breaking the good news posted photos of his signing with the caption:

“Deal sealed and endorsed. Glad to join this great audio tech family @empireears. I am humbled to represent Africa on all our projects. I look forward to bringing you to my side of the world (Africa Gospel Music). I totally enjoyed the tour and love my new custom made in-ears … Thank you.”


Although details of the deal wasn’t made available, we are told one of his benefits is he would be receiving any new products produced by the firm.

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This is such a big win for him and a blow for his critics especially those who tried to cyber lynch him recently.

See the post below:

About Empire Ears:

Empire Ears is an award-winning in-ear monitor designed, engineered and handcrafted by those who relentlessly pursue the extraordinary. They are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia .

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