Achimota SHS PTA

The Achimota SHS PTA is supporting their Mistress for turning down the Rastafarian who came to seek admission in their school.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of Achimota Senior High School has released a statement giving their full support to the headmistress of the school for refusing to admit two Rastafarian boys unless they cut their hair.

The said in their statement that the Rasta on the head will cause unnecessary attention and waste time in schools.

The PTA saluted the headmistress’ decision and applauded her for upholding the school’s rules.


Achimota SHS at the moment is being debated on after their headmistress turned down the admission of a Ghanaian Rastafarian.

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However, an updated report shows that they do admit whites with long hair.

Read their full statement below:

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