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The two major religions that preach about Heaven is Christian and Islam.

They believe that when our life here on earth is done, there’s a paradise where we’ll all go and enjoy forever.

However, this paradise is not for everyone. It is for only those who live a holy life devoid of sin and worldly pleasure.

At the back of this, smoking and drinking are examples of the things most frowned on by these two religious.


Once you’re a drunkard or a smoker, just know there’s a bed being prepared for you in Hell.

Well, Ghanaian travel consultant and blogger, Akesse Sanza stands to differ.

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In a Facebook post, he told his over 300,000 followers that these two aforementioned ‘sins’ are not actually ‘sins’.

But rather, they help you get to heaven early.

“Drinking and smoking are not sins. They won’t prevent you from going to heaven. Just that you will go early.”, he wrote.

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