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Earn an Executive Masters Degree Within ‘one’ week with London and Swiss School of Business Management, Geneva.

M-GIBES, College of Business & Management

 Global Executive Mini Master’s Program

M-GIBES, College of Business & Management has been a faithful and prestigious education institute for students all over the world.

M-GIBES helps the students in obtaining a Masters degree in the stream of Business Administration and Management, of United Kingdom.

The degree is accepted and given value at all the U.K. universities and educational institutes.

The Global Executive Mini Master’s Program is also an initiative of the institute, which has been designed for CEOs, Senior Managers, Executives, and Entrepreneurs.

But what is the purpose of this program?

The advantages of Global Executive Mini Master’s Program

The one-week program has a lot of exciting features to deliver to its students.

Those students who have completed their Masters a long ago may need a refresher course for recollecting all the important information and facts which they would have studied in the past.

Basically, the program is a practical approach to the problem of recalling key facts and information, which they would have studied in their Master’s program, a long time ago. That’s the immaculate role of this program.

If a student is trying to apply for a manager’s post in a renowned firm, then the business management degree will be of great importance.

Therefore, in order to be updated with all the essential facts and knowledge, the Global Executive Mini Master’s Program can be the best option to choose from.

We will look at some more details of the program, which help the students in making an informed decision.

Details of this Program

The program begins on 21st March 2020, when the students will depart for their lectures. The lectures will be scheduled from 23rd March to 27th March 2020.

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The lectures will be engaged from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

The lectures will be engaged by the highly qualified professors of M-Gibes College of Business and Management, and London and Swiss School of Business Management, Geneva.

After the graduation process on 27th and the tour and Networking on the next day, the students can check out from their hotels and return on March 29th, 2020.

It will mark the end of the one-week Master’s program.

The fee structure of the programme has been designed while keeping in mind, the importance of quality as well as affordable education.

For students, the total fee for this programme is $4,000.

The amount would include the accommodation of the students in a 5 Star Hotel, their lectures, food, Visa and even tickets!

In the case of early registrations, a student can avail a discount of $150! The early registration process begins 30th January 2020 and it will go on till 21st February 2020.

Therefore, at an affordable price, the programme has a lot of important features which can benefit the students.

The institute will also take care, that the students are provided with all the essential modules required throughout the course.

For more information, you can also visit their official website where you will be briefed with all the details and information.

Contacts: info@mgcbm.edu.gh | +23355 827 2760 | +23330 2434 845

Visit our website for more insight www.m-gibes.com



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