Okay FM Radio presenter, Abena Moet has said that musician Efya real name Jane Awindor is sleeping on her talent.

Speaking during a radio session on NEAT FM, Abena said the zeal and fire that we used to see in the singer is lost. Meanwhile, she’s power-packed with talents in terms of her voice, lyrical dexterity, and everything that a musician should possess. However, shes not putting in effort into his craft.

Moet noted that in recent times, Efya would drop a very wonderful song but she will not promote it, only for the song to die out quickly.

Moet also added that because of this, Ghanaians are also gradually forgetting her which is not supposed to be so. So her message to her is for her to wake up from her slumber and be serious.

“If they say someone should win Grammys, then it should be Efya… Efya you’re sleeping. I think the Efya we knew then, her charisma, her zeal and everything, I think she has relaxed… I feel like when she released her new songs, she should be busy on radio tour to promote it. I was expecting her to be more consistent. She’s far better and decorated than every female musician in Ghana but she has relaxed.”

“I don’t know why she’s relaxing, she knows how to write songs and the way she’s now relaxing, it has made Ghanaians to also sleep on her”.

If in the next 5 years, Efya refuses to be active, Ghanaians will leave her totally. They won’t give her the neccesary attention again.

Watch the video below: