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Elias Zervos cause of death, wife, children, net worth, obituary


Elias Zervos was born in the year 1956 in Istanbul, Turkey. Zervos stood at a peak of about 5 feet 9 inches or 175 centimeters tall. Zervos was an actor who was very notable for appearing in films such as Pontios Pilatos, A Touch of Spice, and Haireta mou ton plateno.

Elias Zervos has also starred in films such as Zorba the Greek, Electra, Alps, Never on Sunday, and Landscape in the Mist, among others.

Elias Zervos’s cause of death

Elias Zervos passed away on October 31, 2022, in Greece at the age of 65 years old. According to sources, Zervos suffered a heart attack which claimed his life.

Elias Zervos wife

Elias Zervos was not known to be married or dating anyone. However, any information received will be posted.

Elias Zervos children

The parental status of Elias Zervos is not known at the moment, thus, he is not known to have children.

Elias Zervos’s net worth

According to sources, Elias Zervos was worth about $1 million as an actor at the time of his death.

Elias Zervos obituary

The obituary of Elias Zervos has not yet been released by his family. Any update on that will be posted.


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