A tweet has gained a lot of traction for a view shared by a young man concerning how good or bad an employed and jobless ladies are in bed respectively.

Harri Obi shared the view that employed ladies are not only good in bed but they are supportive and highly intellectual.

Harri Obi

According to him, aside from the good sex, a man will get from such a lady, he will be served with constructive discussions that shape the lives of each other.

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In a nutshell, Harri Obi believes that an employed lady has something substantial to offer and leaves a lasting influence on the man.

However, the same cannot be said of a jobless lady who virtually has nothing to offer since she may be lazy or busily looking for job.

He wrote:

Employed vagina hits differently. Every young guy should test being in a sexual relationship with a working lady who can uber/drive her way to your house, collect premium knacks and still engage you in intellectual discussions while you’re both naked.