The beef between Medikal and Eno Barony is about getting more messier.

Eno first ‘dissed’ Medikal in one of her diss songs directed to Sista Afia and a lot of people are expecting the AMG rapper to also reply the diss song.

However, in response, Medikal said he won’t diss any female rapper that looks like a corpse.

And that he once helped Eno by giving her a free verse on a song only for her to disrespect him years later.

First Tweet Reads:

4 years ago eno Linked up for a feature, gave her a verse and pulled up to shoot the video when called without charging a penny,never expected her to disrespect me in anyway, especially when I haven’t wronged you.This is why people don’t do good sometimes I guess.

Second Tweet Reads:

You could have linked up again after all those years for another verse cuz I am hotter than I was back then ! But no, Human being, you would rather put dirt on my name for clout than get a hit song you can chop from.

Third Tweet Reads:

So this is what’s gonna happen, you will probably do couple of diss songs and direct them to me, and as we all know, Ghanaians will hail you and mock me to make you believe you are the bomb,whiles they still Jam to my music in their homes and parties

Well, Eno has also come out to hit back at him.

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In a couple of tweets, she wrote:

“I appreciate u doing a verse for me way back and I have never disrespected u in any way nor for clout chasing I only sent out words to the ghost writer and unless u are the ghost writer u can’t feel disrespected. Understand my lyrics first Mr. best rapper. #RapGoddess”


“I understand you saying you never took a penny.  Cuz what I gave you back then compared to now was actually a penny.  NO BE TODAY I BE #CORPSE BRO  I WAS BORN #DEAD. SO #YOU CAN’T KILL ME.”