Ghanaian Journalist, Bridget Otoo has listed the top 3 regions to get the best men who are either ‘dating materials’ or ‘marriage materials’.

In series of tweets, 1. Northern men, 2. Ewe – men, 3. Ga – men.

Her list has left men from other regions angry as they think they have the best men as well.

Bridget added that she’s Fante, but she won’t add her tribe men to her list.

“I’m a fante, I have fante brothers but I won’t recommend to my friends  “But you can advertise yourself“, she wrote.



  1. First and second , l have no problem but the third is never true. They don’t care about relationships. They are not caring but only corn men

  2. How much of research did u do My dear. My Dad is a missionary who has lived in all the region’s. 3 tibe men he never will agree for a lady to marry to. He said “look I have lived with all these tribes and so I know.. Northern Men, Ewe’s and Ga men are not the best”. He added, “Its the Northern Men that I’m a little convinced because your Sister married one and the Man has proven me wrong, But see your other Sister who married a Ga Man…”


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