funny face and ola michael

The drama between Funny Face and his baby mama Ama Vanessa has become a topic for discussion on social media.

Yesterday, NEAT FM Presenter Ola Micheal also put a spin on the issue. In his honest submission, he said Funny Face seems to be lying to Ghanaians.

Ola said after hearing the side-story of Funny Face’s baby mama, he has concluded that the comedian and actor have been lying over the years just to make his baby mamas look bad in the eyes of people.

Ola Michael stated that Funny Face is a liar, having told Ghanaians that his baby mama is disgusting, and he’s done with her meanwhile he slept with her again and impregnated her.

Ola added that he feels the ‘Children’s President’ has a mental disorder which he needs to cure before it gets out of hand.

Well, Funny Face has probably seen the videos and he has replied accordingly.

In a new video, he said: “Ola Micheal, Kwasiaa… I feel ashamed when I see you working at the radio station. I’ll slap you. Dirty, stupid, stinking a** ni**r, walk with body guards because when I see you, I’ll slap you and blame it on depression”.

Watch the video below:


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