King Promise has finally revealed why he instructed KiDi to pull down his verse on the ‘Enjoyment’ song that was supposed to have on.

In an exclusive radio interview with Radio Central’s Amansan Krakye, the hardcore Ghanaian High-Life artiste disclosed all what happened between his management and that of KiDi.

According to Promise, his management couldn’t reach an agreement with KiDi’s management and that resulted to the whole brouhaha.

“There was an issue with the song, and there was a lot of back and forth because I know the ‘third party’ and I know Lynx”. So to make peace with both parties, my management team asked that my verse to be pulled down,” – he said.

King Promise continued saying: “I knew the song will be a hit song, and will always support him anytime am called to, because I have no issues with him”.

King Promise also touched on little information about his ‘Promise Land Europe Tour’ that was canceled due to the coronavirus.

Watch The Video Below:



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