Dancehall musician, Epixode has accused Shatta Wale of stealing his idea for his soon-to-be-launched Reign Album.

Shatta Wale made an outdoor of a new artwork yesterday which has three symbols with the middle one bearing a crown. He used the artwork as his profile picture on Facebook.

A lot of people started racking their minds on what the symbols signify.

In an attempt to make people understand the symbol, the African Dancehall King came out to say the symbol represents his three fingers, which is the TRINITY!

Trinity Symbol
Trinity Symbol

He posted:


So after Shatta Wale’s profile picture with symbol had gone viral, another dancehall artiste, Epixode has come to say that, Shatta Wale is a copy-cat and that he stole the Trinity concept from his second album.

Epixode released his album ‘Trinity’ this year.

In a tweet Epixode made, he accused Shatta Wale of stealing his first album concept and now he’s stolen his second album’s concept too from him.

He tweeted earlier today; “Lol this one too u Dey copy … oo Charlie .. hahahhaThank God for the unique gift I have .. it’s amazing how these guys always have to imitate all I do .. you copy my first album art cover and now my second album idea ..  .. lol I laugh enter gold coast”

Well in reply Shatta posted:

“some times people deh say things weh deh funny me.. #onewaystyle”

In another post he wrote again:

Shatta Wale has long being using this three-finger-sign so I personally don’t think he stole the idea from Epixode.

Nonetheless, it is said that ‘great minds think alike’ so this shouldn’t call for war.

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