Erick Adame Scandal: What Did Erick Adame Do?

Every weekday from six in the morning to nine in the morning, Erick Adame, an American meteorologist, may be seen on the NY1 show Mornings On After moving closer to the five boroughs in the year 2017, he now considers himself to be a true native New Yorker, despite the fact that he has spent his entire life in the city of New York.

After working for Spectrum News in upstate New York for ten years, where he covered Hurricane Sandy and the numerous relief efforts that arrived to assist New York City from different parts of the country, Erick began his affiliation with NY1, which is now known as NY1. ‚Äč

Erick Adame Scandal: What Did Erick Adame Do?

Erick Adame was sacked not long ago from his job, according to court documents obtained by The Daily Beast, after an anonymous user provided nude from an internet video conversation to Adame’s mother and work superiors. The screenshots were taken when a discussion was being held online.


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