In a letter directed to the Attorney General, Mrs. Gloria Akuffo, Freelance Journalist, Manasseh Azure Awune made a wild assertion that, an average first year law student who understands the case and has the evidence available to her can secure a conviction without any sweat.

This comment came after a conversation he claimed to have had with a cabinet minister on the Jospong case. According to him, the said minister told him that the reason Attorney Minister’s ministry is not able to prosecute the Jospong Fumigation case is because because of insufficient evidence.

The Journalist could not understand why the Attorney General’s department failed to prosecute Jospong after he provided all necessary information to them. “The only reason someone would say they don’t have enough evidence is if they don’t understand the case. In your case, that cannot be an excuse because I have met you, your deputy ministers, state attorneys and prosecutors of your ministry a number of times to discuss this case. I briefed you and you stated the ingredients necessary for prosecution. I provided you with some of them while the police did the rest. Manasseh wrote.

He further stated that, the people involved in the deal left a lot of loopholes which could be used to prosecute them. He added that, “anyone who watches the “Robing the Assemblies” documentary [….] on the fumigation would realise that the fraudulent deal was foolishly done. The government officials and the private companies involved did not make any attempt to cover their tracks. The Financial Forensic Unit (FFU) of the Ghana Police Service also travelled to all the 10 regions in Ghana at the time to independently gather evidence. That evidence corroborated what I reported in this documentary.”

The publicist alleged that, shady deals of this sort are still ongoing in the country because of the Attorney Generals inaction on the fumigation case which is leading to loss of revenue by the state. He concluded his lengthy letter with a reminder from the directive from President Akuffo Addo’s inaugural speech that, he is a citizen, not a spectator.